Iván Ferrer - Orozco

Musician, Composer, and Arts entrepreneur

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I use sounds to create works that unveil concise experiences of the world, the society, the places I go, and the memory of our own existence. With the aim of to reveal other surfaces of the assumed as already known, I take sounds from the natural world and daily life to shape our perception and transform the experience of how we listen, and how we relate with those things and places we consider familiar.

My works has been performed at several concert series, festivals and exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Chipre and USA. I have been artists in residence at institutions of America, Europe and Asia.

I'm currently director and producer of InterAcciona, platform aimed to art creation and new media; musician, production and new media manager at NEOPERCUSION; freelance sideman on electronics, arts consultant at Acelerador de Artistas, and lecturer on New Media and aural culture at IED Madrid.