Iván Ferrer - Orozco

Musician, Composer, and Arts entrepreneur

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My work has sound as main element, and this includes our physical and psychological reactions to it. Sound as mean to transform the perception of reality, and as a 100% physical force that interacts with our own physicality.

For me, art must be physical, it should be something that at the same time interacts with our mind and that transforms the current state of our body. Hence, my music is conceived as doses of energy, energy which flows in different degrees and with different densities. My work doesn't has a meaning -not intentionally at least-, it pretends to be pure experience, present pure. Intuition is a condition because nothing is completely closed. There is margin -sometimes broad- for improvisation in my work with two conditions: there should be a musical intention that guides the development of the situations or the material; and two, energy should flow at all time. The question is, what does musical intention means?

My works has been performed at several concert series, festivals and exhibitions in Mexico, Spain, Canada, Argentina, Chile, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Chipre, Vietnam and USA. I have been artists in residence at institutions of America, Europe and Asia.

Beside my work as composer and creative coder,I'm currently freelance musician and new media manager at NEOPERCUSION; freelance sideman on electronics, and arts consultant at Acelerador de Artistas.