Iván Martínez

Student, Chef, and Hair Stylist in Villa de Álvarez, México

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I’m Iván. My date of birth is on June 25. I was born in Villa de Álvarez, Colima. I’m a student living in Villa de Álvarez, México.

I am a fan of travel, music, and movies. I hate the pranks, antisocial people and die the bad governement. My favorite hobbie is Cook to my and my friends. I’m also interested in food and coffee.

Usually at wake up i do my breakfast and after i go to watch the tv. Sometimes I play on my xbox. I often clean my house with my family. I hardly ever visit my friends. I always before to go to school i take a bath. I hate two days a week because i leave late school. Once a week, the sundays, i go to the church to pray. Once a month me and my family go to climb.

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