Ivan Weaver

Athens, GA

Ladies and Gentlemen

Welcome to the first annual Modern Literature Art Exhibition!
I will be your curator for this marvelous evening. Tonight, we will have the privilege to gaze upon some of the best works by world renowned artist, Ivan Weaver. Please, help yourself to all the refreshments and enjoy the exhibits.

Our first exhibit of the night will be Ivan’s Biography “Memoirs Of The Teen Life”. This piece is one of the most unique here tonight because it provides vivid depictions of Mr. Weaver. He does an excellent job of capturing the liveliness and true aesthetics in every photography. Mr. Weaver accredits all his success to his family, who are present in a few portions of the photo. I once spoke to Mr. Weaver and he mentioned that all of his inspiration is drawn from his family.

Ivan’s life began on December 1, 1993 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When he was two years old, his family moved to Georgia. He spent the next seventeen years growing and maturing in what he refers to as “suburbia”. A pivotal point in his life is when he began to travel across the world. He visited many counties, each having their own incomparable experiences. But by far one of his favorite destinations would be Colombia, South America. His first departure to Colombia was nothing less than spectacular. In his own words:

“Colombia was a total culture shock. This was the first time I was exposed to true penury. Seeing, first hand, how the people survive was a grounding experience. This excursion altered my entire perception of the world. We have it so easy in The United States… We worry over the pettiest inconveniences, while these people fight to survive every single day. How can we willingly allow people to suffer? I lost hope in humanity.”

All profits and proceeds from Mr. Weaver’s work are all funneled to Colombia. He is devoted to the people of Colombia and has taken the moral responsibility to help these people.

An excellent piece by Mr. Weaver.
Let’s move on to the next exhibit, shall we.

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