Ivana Kirka

Vienna, Vienna, Austria

International Coordination
Entertainment & Information Technology
Marketing & Sales
Public Relations & Advertising
Journalism & Communication

Personality type: ENTP

Ivana has been working in communication/media since 2006. This passion started while she was still at the University. Ivana's motivation has been always to go an extra mile to get good pole position therefore she went to broaden her not only journalism skills to Denmark and Netherlands as well. The path is still the same however the field and place of businesses change once a while to keep her challenged: from radio to parliament, from agency to international corporation. Ivana is well balanced professional with cross EU working experience and she loves learning new steps in Salsa as well as working towards the common goals with her colleagues.

Worked with:
Anna Kournikova, Thomas Muster, Michael Stich, Goran Ivanisevic, Skalar Entertainment, Nucoast production (Bryan Adams, Elton John), Vivien (Beyonce), Atelier Babylon, MMC, Randal Club, Batelier ...

  • Work
    • CTS Eventim
  • Education
    • FMK UCM
    • HU Utrecht, Netherlands
    • DJH Aarhus, Denmark