Ivana Simone

Being an actress has been a passion of mine since I was as young as four, and as time evolved I discovered that it was not just acting that had captivated me. But the arts as a whole. I then began to master the craft of acting, singing, writing, and dancing. I would place myself in places and positions to always learn more and grow more in my passions. I participated in neighborhood dance competitions, to forming my own all girl singing group, writing my own material, and constantly acting it out every moment I had for anyone willing to watch.

Driven and dedicated I took theater and chorus continuously throughout elementary, junior high and senior high school. In high school I ventured off into Community Theater to get a feel for working with people of all ages and in circles other than School Theater. I aspire to work in my craft with elegance and professionalism, it is my utmost hope to network with others who are currently doing this and striving toward this.

  • Education
    • Hialeah Miami Lakes Senior High School
    • Tallahassee Community College
    • Lively Technical School