Ivana De Domenico

Researcher in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Ivana De Domenico has always been fascinated by science and molecular biology. In her native Italy, he received her Bachelor's in Biological Science, graduating Cum Laude. She continued studying in Italy, eventually earning her Master's Degree and Advanced Degree.

Determined to continue life as an academic, she came to University of Utah's Department of Pathology to commence post-doc work. She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the University's Division of Hematology & Hematologic Malignancies.

Ivana De Domenico has over seven years of experience in laboratory training and supervision. In addition, she has three-plus years of clinical laboratory experience as well. Ivana is qualified to teach molecular biology, cellular biology, microbiology and biotechnology.

When she is not in the laboratory or classroom, Ivana De Domenico enjoys spending her time traveling. Ivana has a deep passion for travel as she understands the role it plays in creating a more globally-aware and culturally-accepting person. When she visits a new location, she likes to completely immerse herself into the culture. Ivana is well-versed in five languages and is familiar with several more. Ivana De Domenico also enjoys opera music, reading, swimming, tennis and antique shopping.

Ivana De Domenico’s favorite thing to do when she is traveling is find herself a local spot to listen to and meet native people. Ivana De Domenico has met some of the most amazing people on her travels just by starting a conversation in a community square or while waiting for a bus on the side of the road. Ivana De Domenico speaks and impressive 5 languages, but is familiar with many more.

Ivana De Domenico feels that travel gives her the opportunity to enjoy the rich culinary diversity of many different cultures. Although she is Italian, and prefers a Mediterranean diet, Ivana has found great pleasure in the delicacies of other lands. Ugali, cornmeal porridge, native to Kenya, and Borscht, a Russian beet soup, are among some of her favorite local dishes.

Ivana De Domenico is an extensively published researcher. Her paper, Regulation of Iron Homeostasis, appears on the National Institutes of Health publication Grantome.com.

  • Work
    • Associate Professor
  • Education
    • University of Messina
    • University of Utah, Salt Lake City