Ivana Ruiz

Project Manager, Volunteer, and Photographer in Mexico City, Mexico

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My name is Ivana Pamela Ruiz Fuentes I was born in Cancun Quintana Roo but I moved to Mexico at the age of four yeras old but I will move to Canada in May. I want to study international business in Canada.

I speak four languajes: spanish, english and I'm starting learning french.

I want to start my own Restaurant of Mexican food in Canada, Quebec because I love all kind of restaurant and what they do.

With all that I have learnt and live in my life I became a really honest, happy, encouraging, leader, empathic, respectful and inspiring women and this have made me value the things that we have in life even more.

I have work with the Rotaries since I was a kid we started going with the Mazahuas and now we have gone to many other communities, My grandpa also made a Campaign that is focus on helping people that have poliomyelitis, I also want to make a Campaign against the animal abuse, I also pick animals from the streets and we search a good home for them and I went with my school to Villa del Carbon to help the community.