Ivana Slisko

To my little world of copywriting, check the page out and relax.

They say that every human being has a mission or a reason to exist. Similar philosophy can be applied to me personally because the mission is what I am and the vision is what I want to be; that with which I want to inspire clients, acquaintances and friends.

I am a creative person who tries to spread positivity and inspiration on everything around myself. I try to attract the clients with an aproachable and partner-like attitude. I wanted to sort the things out in a different way, to use my knowledge and offer something new, something fresh. I realised that a good idea, along with knowing the market rules and excellence of performance, can do wonders and that you can approach problem solving in a similar way in various other industries and spheres of life; not only in marketing.

As a copywriter I want to contribute to making a more creative surrounding which will result in positive thinking and creating. I want to be reckognizable, specially for quality and the volume of the services I offer, to be known for implementing of new ideas. I want the name Ivana Slisko to be associated with excellence and creativity.

The need for copywriting occured after seeing how much this country lacks in creativity. I decided to give my contribution of imagination and creativity.

I have a diploma in copywriting, which I got at „Institut za menadzment Zagreb", class of Boris Belak, by many one of the best Croatian copywriters who is currently creative director in Luminus Creative and senior lecturer at College of AGORA in Zagreb. He was awarded with various local and international prizes and is an author of first croatian manual for copywriting, „Ma tko to samo smišlja te reklame?!?".