Ivan Calcaño

Ivan Calcaño was born in New York, February 19, 1978 and later raised in Puerto Rico by his mother who reared him in the Lord. When Ivan returned to New York City at the age of 16, he lead astray from Christ but it was not long before the Lord would call him back at 23. From that day on, he has not turned back and has dedicated himself to being a servant of God. As he grew in the Lord, Ivan's church encouraged him to attend Bible Institute where his knowledge of the bible grew which drew him closer to the Lord. That period of preparation lead him to begin to use singing as a ministry to worship the Lord and to reach others for Jesus Christ. Leading worship at his church opened doors for Ivan to sing in concerts and other churches. In his singing, he began to feel more of the Lord's pulling to continue this path in ministry. In 2009, God lead Ivan to join a group called "Sealed By Christ", where he was able to see in depth what the music ministry entailed. He later married his wife, Frances Diaz-Calcaño, in October of 2010 and began to expand his ministry. He left Sealed By Christ in 2011 to work on his solo project, which he is currently working on and can't wait to release it to the public for the glory of God. The Lord continues to expand Ivan's territory with Asaph Records, an in-home recording studio Ivan established for struggling Christian artists to build their demo for an affordable price. This selfless work and countless hours has been successful for others and for Ivan's ministry. In May 2011, Ivan launched his website www.asaph-records.com and has not looked back.