Ivan Cardoso


I love food and want to share my experience within the Food & Beverage industry. I love pubs, bars and restaurants and believe you can see true London when walking inside an independent pub with its charms and the owner serving you, to huge chains that cater for a million type of customers with all their events and such. You can, literately, get to know London by eating & drinking in different places. I’m also a Music, Youth and Social Media enthusiast, continuously seeking new challenges and learning opportunities within the music and media industries to further develop knowledge, skills and career prospects. Have a passion for social projects such as The Roundhouse and the Red Bull Music Academy. Prove of that is my engagement with my University and the community surrounding it by engaging with the local council and by launching the university radio in 2010. I've been awarded the London Met Gold Achievement Award (June 2011) for the work put in the Student Union and Radio.