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''I come from Malta, an island of 400,000 girls and boys who keep building their houses until there will be no more roads and the only way to get from north to south will be by boat, which is probably for the better given the road rage and the street tragedies that keep happening, only that we might scare off all the fishies that are still alive and we might end up bumping into the million fish farms producing fat sea creatures for Japanese sushi.'' - Karl Schembri in Gaza "Blessed be The Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;......" (Psalm 144:1-15) As an Acquarian, have been defined as ambitious , trustworthy and serious (that might make me one of a kind). I love to teach and be taught. Always aware of people's flaws and weaknesses. That makes me an extreme thinker. I try hard. Will take on any project. Somewhat critical, hardworking and productive. Supposedly smart, neat and organised (which is far from the truth I feel, I categorise myself as “messy and unorganized!!”). Sensitive and having deep thoughts, but know how to make others happy (maybe with some dirty or corny Irish joke, what!). Usually quiet, unless exited or tensed (or broke!). So, that should make me rather reserved, not the party animal I always aspire to be. Highly attentive this Acquarian should be, resistant to illness but prone to colds, like any common mortal so. Romantic but has difficulty expressing love (Shakespeare or Van Halen, help here please!). Loves children, hence my days in the Boy Scout Movement, a homely guy, but above all loyal. Seemingly in need to improve social abilities, whilst easily jealous. I can be VERY irritating to others when trying to explain or tell a story. Unpredictable. Will exceed your expectations. Not a fighter, but will knock your lights out. Go figure, now you tell me how much of all that is true.... One would think I am a regular Ansel Adams! Whether capturing the sun setting over St. Paul’s Bay, some adorable kid, or an artsy cappuccino foam shot, several friends love those photo-worthy adventures I stumble upon. So, I will keep snapping away!

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    • Malta24 Ltd.
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    • Scuola di Fanteria e Cavalleria