Ivan Ikkon

Nairobi, Kenya.

My name is Ivan.
Like any good super hero I guess I needed a name and thought, what better name than Ivan Ikkon (hey, it sounded good to me.) Now everyone knows a good superhero needs a weapon, (I never really thought about that but I guess mine would be a mouse?
I know so uncool, but you honestly can't expect me to walk around with a CPU and Monitor!)
Anyways, I've always drawn, sketched, doodled from as far back as I can remember - it was just my thing. I
always thought I'd be some sort of Engineer (maybe Aeronautical, There was this perception that
Engineers were rich (don't ask me where it came from, hey maybe they are) anyways, turns out I was terrible at Physics & math but surprisingly good at organic chemistry, but alas the rest of chemistry was a blur! So I packed my bags, went to college & studied Media Arts, my passion.
The rest as they say is history.
Now you've probably never heard of me, but hey even Superman had to start form the ground roots right, saving cats from trees, fixing flat tires, that sort of thing.