Ivan Komarov

Barnaul, Russia

Ivan Komarov is an ordained Evangelist of the Russian Church of Christian of Evangelical Faith (certificate №220 signed by Head Bishop Okara P.N.). He is the founder of Interdenominational Healing Ministry "Jesus Always Heals”, and the organizer of the Russian Association of Healing Rooms (HR). That association helps to spread the Healing Rooms Ministry in churches and cities all over the world. Ivan Komarov organized HR Ministry in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, Lithuania.

Bro. Ivan holds international meetings regularly, in countries like USA, like Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Netherlands, Israel, Finland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Indonesia, South Africa, and others. He gets invitations to minister the love of Christ and the power of the Gospel message from a range of denominations, from Lutherans to Pentecostals.

Bro. Ivan shares a true apostolic message, the living Gospel which God confirms with miracles of deliverance and healing of bodies and souls, destroying strongholds and renewing minds, and healing heart wounds. People often receive emotional and physical healing while the message is preached. At the end of his messages, Bro. Ivan ministers healing for those needing it. Healing testimonies from his meetings include healings from cancer, AIDS, diabetes, paralysis, deafness, blindness, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, scoliosis, bug migraines, sciatica, etc.

In the past, Ivan was a General of Civil Aviation, a Senior flight Commander of Barnaul air complex of Altai region and Republic of Altai, Russia, Director General of LLC "Altai Airline”. He was an Academician of International Real Economy Academy. Now, he serves Jesus Christ in full-time capacity, and considers all his past achievements to be loss, compared to the knowledge of Christ. Brother Ivan had an opportunity to be elected into the office of a Senator of the Russian Federation, but he considered it being a less important job than to serve Jesus Christ. The power of God’s Word and love of Father gripped and changed him, his heart and mind, his family and his entire life, and brought it into this ministry.

Bro. Ivan is married and has 5 children, including one adopted child. He is a devoted husband and father. He likes sports – football, tennis, chess. In his travels, he went as far as the North Pole. He believes that all things are possible with God.