Ivan Mazour


Ivan Mazour is a Russian-born, London-based serial entrepreneur, investor and author. He is the CEO and Founder of Ometria - a software company which has developed an ecommerce analytics platform helping online retailers optimise their profitability and provide an improved customer experience. Ometria is his seventh company, in a career spanning various industries from property to education - http://www.ometria.com

Alongside this main role, he is also the Founding Partner of Innova Kapital - an early stage VC firm investing in UK-based technology startups, including companies like YPlan and organisations like Entrepreneur First - http://www.innovakapital.com

As well as holding multiple degrees in Mathematics from Cambridge University, and in Economics from the Open University, Ivan Mazour is the author of a number of books including "Russian Convoys - Memories of the Heart". His translations of Russian literature have been staged professionally in various cities, and he has been presented with a UNESCO medal for his literary achievements.

He regularly speaks at conferences around the world on topics of ecommerce, technology, and investment, and also writes a popular blog called “A Young Entrepreneur in London” - http://www.ivanmazour.com

  • Work
    • CEO and Founder - Ometria
  • Education
    • Mathematics - University of Cambridge