Makati City

I really don't know where to start this and all but I guess I already started what'really going on inside my head. Well hey, as you're visiting and reading my page, I'd like to inform you guys what will you'll expect me to post here. Basically, I am a new blog writer and aside from what I'm doing in life which is pretty much nothing significant, blogging / writing blogs will be from now on a part of my routine whatever comes in mind.

I've been always a music and movie lover. Music is a part of my daily life even as a kid. Being fond of movies which started when I'm in high school always reminds me of the precious memories of my dad when he was still with us because he's always been my movie date whether in our home or in cinema.

I love dogs.

It is because of being me with no sports involvement during my younger years of childhood to college, last year I found myself discovering a passion aside from what I love to do and that's running. Joining fun runs mostly held in BGC which is proximate to me is another story and then I was exposed to the running community. I'm glad running also came to me as if we are meant for each other. I'm not that athletic but I'm determined as this new passion got me some difficulties at first and eventually I became used to it and free running clinics contribute so much about the proper trainings.

Music, movies, dogs and running. These are a few of my favorite things and hopefully we will continue to be together for more years to come.

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