Ivan Prado

Berlin, Germany

Hey, I'm Ivan! A seven year old child trapped into an adult body. Right, that's how I like to present myself, believe you or not. Why? Well, I love playing, running and dreaming all the time. I like to think that as kids we were able to dream like there were no obstacles; to face our fears with courage; to aim for the highest peaks in order to let our curiosity shine. Dreaming leads us to strive, to create. It leads us to a space where our imagination has no limits.
But in order to not fall into a dreamland, we also need to plan, execute and celebrate, as John Croft says on the Dragon Dreaming methodology :P

For the past few years I've been dreaming with a new me, and have been striving to learn, experience, teach and serve as many beautiful individuals as I can. To do so, I went on a journey, hunting the pieces to fulfill what seems to be an endless puzzle. I've found myself during the revolution in Egypt, starving on Ramadan to empower Egyptians through Education. I've lost myself into Germany's cold winter to get to know me better, discovery about leadership and make many friends around Europe. I've moved to São Paulo to find out how pause is important in our accelerated lives. I did many courses to learn what I thought I knew. Things like how to be present, how to host groups and conversations, how to help others to strive for their better selves and how to work together to reach goals and develop companies, or how to listen.

I'm looking forward to interact with you somehow and I wish you a happy life!

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