Ivan Sorensen

Hi folks!

So here's the scoop about me and a bit of what I have been doing for the past 40 or so years. I am based in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I take pictures and produce fine art prints that you are most welcome to purchase since it will help to make my later years more comfortable. I also accept portrait commissions for professionals and special occasions.

In addition, my client list includes several musical bands of various genres as well as re-enactment production companies. My works have been included in various trade and tourism magazines, CD covers and band promotional tee-shirts, also published in instructional books and are current on a number of corporate, business and entertainment websites.

Vacation Photography services are now available. Please email me for quotations.

I haven't written any books and I am in no way famous or well known, but I take immense pride in my work. Oh! One more thing. My grand kids think I'm a pretty cool guy.