Ivan Sucharski

Work: My recent work as a Principal Data Scientist with the Chief Analytics Office @ HERE centers around helping to unify a data vision - the strategy and governance aspects (working with privacy and legal experts) across the organization as it transforms. My psychology background merged with my love of computers and decade in mobile and analytics startups provides a unique combination for understanding what is possible with data, how to promote a data culture, and how to talk about data with different audiences.

Here's an older bio I wrote (it's pretty good, and gives an idea where I came from. It's still 95% true (+/- 2%) : I am a practical scientist, an academic with street smarts. I answer questions with data. I turn numbers into knowledge. My greatest passion is measuring behavior, analyzing it, and producing insights from the analysis. I love designing and running experiments, turning the theoretical into the empirical, problem solving, and the elegant presentation of data. Also, educating others about data insights through writing and presentations is immensely gratifying.

Play: I like to tinker with circuits (noise especially) and have begun etching my own PCBs. I am obsessed with DIY methods for my projects - screenprinting, recording, circuit building, house fixing. I love repurposing castoffs into art (especially collage). I'm interested in predicting behavior with information and find especially fascinating inefficiencies in markets like stocks and horse racing. I wish I was better at math, but as I've gotten this far by teaching myself what I needed to know, maybe calculus is next... or python... or woodworking...