Ivar Soares Urdalen

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway

I have a burning desire for working with engineering solutions and infrastructure projects that contribute to a healthy environment. I have experience with feasibility studies, design and procurement of infrastructure projects (water/wastewater treatment, biogas, etc).

I have a strong passion for working with multi disciplinary project teams and integrated design, where the whole picture is evaluated and analyzed.

I have a background as a Civil and Environmental Engineer, but through self education and work experience I have acquired competancies in electrical/mechanical engineering and financial analysis.

I also study languages on the side and have become very interested in how I can learn languages as quickly as possible. Currently I only speak norwegian, english, and portuguese without using too much brainpower. Hopefully will be able to add french to that list sometime.

I also volunteer for helping people learning norwegian. I will only provide guidance and not provide lessons. Check out my learning norwegian blog!

To find out more, go to www.ivarurdalen.com!

Feel free to contact me!

  • Work
    • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Education
    • Norwegian University of Science Technology