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No matter the reason for your headache, migraine, or nausea, refresh IV therapy can help take the edge off and provide you with the immediate relief you need. A migraine can start as a small headache and continue to progress until you are almost on the floor in the fetal position begging for all light and noise to stop. Our IV therapy for headache, nausea, and migraine relief will provide you with the needed nutrients and vitamins to starve the pain and make it disappear.

Benefits of Refresh IV Therapy. There are several benefits of the refresh IV therapy option and it can provide you with the relief you need from your symptoms. While you will notice your symptoms are gone almost immediately, IV therapy provides you with additional benefits too.

Guaranteed Absorption of the Vitamins and Medications. Some medications do not absorb into the body quick enough and even if you were to drink water, not all of it is absorbed. Since IV therapy bypasses the digestive system, you are guaranteed a 100% absorption rate of all medications and vitamins.

Rehydration of Lost Fluids. Even if you drink water daily, your body is still losing fluids while you experience your nausea, migraine, or headache. Our refresh IV therapy will REFRESH you and provide you with the boost in fluids you need to ensure your body is not dehydrated.