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ivette manzur Create an economic interest grouping (EIG)

You are self employed, ivette manzur advices managing a business and you want to associate with other professionals to grow your business ... ivette manzur You can create an economic interest grouping (EIG) . This legal form allows existing business structures to meet to facilitate or develop the economic activities of its members and to improve or increase the results of this activity . GIE is not a company but it is a legal entity and is subject to registration in the Trade and Companies Register ( RCS) .


Documents required for the application for registration :
- Form G0 (statement available to create a group with the clerks of the commercial courts or on the internet)
- A copy of the constitutive contract
- Copies of deeds of appointment of directors and persons responsible for auditing the management ivette manzur advices and accounts ivette manzur if not designated in the Constitution contract
- Powers when signing the form G0 and the constituent contract by third parties
- Proof of residence for the head office
- Copy of a registration identification for each member of the group and administrator if individuals or extract RCS / document proof of existence for legal persons
- Copy of identification for the auditor and the management controller
- Affidavit of Non- conviction certificate and parentage for directors, the auditor and the management controller
- Authorizations in regulated activity.

Implementation steps
ivette manzur The composition of a GIE

To constitute a GIE must meet and appoint :
- 2 members at least, being a physical or legal person of private law or public law engaged in an economic activity (sole proprietorship, ivette manzur advices corporation, partnership profit, local government, public company )
- One or more directors selected or not among the group members,
- An auditor ( auditor if the GIE issues bonds or at least 100 employees at the end of a fiscal year )
- A management controller (it can be the same person as the auditor but it can not be an administrator must be appoint