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Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - As most of you know by now if you even follow my page or blog. You know by now that I don't really write about myself or post pictures of myself. I mainly write about what has inspired me. I only write when the Lord calls me to do so. It's not all the time but when I am pulled to do so not only does the Lord find me quality, quiet time to do so but he also makes sure that I have a fully charged laptop available and for some reason no one seems to bother me at all during this time. God is a wonderful God and I can't express it enough. I am able to vacation because of God and ONLY GOD. I was sitting and reminiscing while on vacation on how I got this wonderful gift to vacation once a year with my family. Let's go back 13 years ago. I was a mom of a 5 year old and a 3 year old. I was feeling the onset of seasonal depression due to being at home and not working. My husband had suggested that we go away for a mini-getaway just the two of us to Virginia Beach, VA. We did. I remember praying a lot and I remember feeling the Lord telling me, this is an opportunity for you to remember why you both fell in love in the first place. Let's get that fire burning again, I kept feeling. Everything was laid out according to God's plan, we had romantic evenings, comedy night and more romantic moments. However, it didn't stop there. My husband had just received a bonus and we were thinking of ways to invest it. Nothing was coming to mind other then home projects. I prayed to the Lord and asked for his opinion on what we should do, the Lord gave me an overnight thought that I awoke with a Family Vacation yearly. I thought summer home but the Lord had something different. The next morning I felt a pull as if my prayers were answered and I was about to see. We came across a young man who pulled us into a sales pitch that we seem to have a hard time walking away from. We got pulled into it and turns out we bought it. Vacationing since except for one year. Kids went into tween years and ingratitude for the "same thing" was coming from them. Lord not happy. Our payment was received late and we couldn't go that year. Was reminded scripture "The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away" Job 1:21 - Ingratitude no more or EVER.

Hail Jesus!!!