Vicki Seabrook

Massage Therapist in 1017 SW Morrison St. #403 Portland, OR

Have you ever had a massage that felt great at the time but felt the nagging pain you were hoping to finally be rid of come creeping back hours afterwards? Aggravating, right? I certainly feel that way! I can honestly say that what I offer IS effective in terms of REALLY getting in there.Because I use my feet and the strength of my legs to deliver varying degrees of pressure with the addition of long strokes ,Ashiatsu is the best of what a massage has to offer. (HECK YEAH! Sign me up)

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​How would you feel if you could be rid of your aches and stiff ,sore muscles? Let tension melt away as though you haven't a care in the world ( at least not for the hour or so.. ) and feel better than you have in ... gosh, who knows how long? Seriously, I kid you not! What would you give to feel fantastic?.....

You have options. The Yamuna work combines the principals of yoga, the feeling of massage, and the benefits of working out. Ashiatsu has deep roots in the eastern philosophy of healing using oil and the feet to keep the body supple. Reflexology promotes harmony of your entire being. Whichever method you choose, after a treatment or class, Clients feel taller, stronger, leaner and relaxed with more pep in their step.

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