Ivka began DJing in 2010 after many years of attending parties where she fell in love with techno music. The fact that nobody in the region played her favourite style led Ivka to start experimenting with her own sound, and after initial training and several of her mixes being played at private house parties and smaller events, Ivka demonstrated her sound publicly only to meet with unexpected success.

Even though she doesn't have hundreds of nights of playing under her belt, you can clearly recognize her unique style with a sense for precise mixing and overall set build-up. Ivka doesn't copy other techno DJs and rather seeks originality and inventiveness in her tracks. Her sound can be characterized as a slower, dense techno with a heavy bass line which inevitably forces you to dance. The producers that have inspired her the most are Xhin, Alex V0da, Hans Bouffmyhre and D. Carbone.

Ivka can be heard not only at parties, but also on LDTB internet radio (radio-ldtb.cz), where she plays her mixes live. She has also been focusing on various promotional activities and helps run Naked Records, an indie record label. Her greatest success so far is her involvement in Elektra, Tranzistor and Quattro, all popular events at Fleda club in Brno, Czech Republic.

Ivka currently lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada.