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Hello! I’m bonnie. I'm a really bad editor and I love my friends and bf a lot

Favorite stuff and info about me

•Name: Bonnie

•Age: 14


-Color: purple

-Drink?: Chocolate milk!!

-Movie: The Incredibles lol

-Band/artist: The Arctic Monkeys

•Random cool stuff about me!

-I'm into a lot of games and anime stuff so if u have an interest in stuff I probably do too so u can talk about stuff with me!!

-Despite how much I sit on my ass online I really like being active and doing sporty stuff

-I really try and be a good friend and I love all my friends dearly

•Main kins - (tags?)

-Laurentina (Mogeko)

-Igls (Mogeko)

-Crea (Mogeko)

-Dia (LLS!)

-Rin (LL!)

•Characters that make me happy/minor kins:

-Ivlis (Mogeko)

-Korekiyo (DRV3)

--Poemi (Mogeko)

-Chara (Undertale ((I think Undertale is a nice game but the fandom is horrible..)))

-Heather Chandler

•Main fandoms



-Love Live!


•Please don't follow me if:

- You'll bash me for having kins (kinners get a lot of hate and it's a coping thing for me)

-You will just hate on me and my edits

-You are super rude and judgmental

•Feel free to talk to me! I'm super friendly!