Ivory Angel

Without my God (my creator), My Daddy (my angel on earth), and My Son (my heart goes on) I am nothing! I am a daughter, I am a sista, I am a mother, I am a spouse, I am a friend, I am a teacher, I am a student, I am a child of God...I am many things to some people and still yet to some nothing much at all. I'm never to be duplicated or replicated and I am always just me.... you can take me or leave me.

Some say I have a gift others say its a curse for me its a blessing to just be me. We all start life pretty much the same way and guess what it also will pretty much end the same way too...it's what you choose to do in between that sets you apart for the rest...so make your choices wisely. You only get one chance a life, so you can either sit back and let it roll on by or you can make something of it.