Ivo Vynckier

Wevelgem (Belgium)

I'm a technical writer/web writer from Belgium and the author/developer/web master of 2 artistic and 1 technological web site.

I worked for several software companies, mainly as a specialist of Optical Character Recognition ("OCR"). The web site How OCR Works is a delicacy for people who love typefaces and image scanners...

In my private time, I study the movies of Steven Spielberg in depth. Visit my web site Spielberg, Abagnale and OCR and you'll learn things about the Spielmeister you didn't know so far!

Amongst others, it explains how Spielberg's oeuvre intersects with the computer world - and I don't mean the special effects that gave you the dinosaurs. This is something you're not yet aware of! Believe it or not, but Ronald Reagan - yes, that Ronald Reagan - dipped his toes in the same ICT subject with Arnold Spielberg, father of, sitting in the front row...

I've studied search engine optimization ("SEO") in great detail before I moved on to social media marketing ("SMM") - I joined Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. (only) last year.

  • Work
    • Technical Writer
  • Education
    • Germanic philology
    • Philosophy
    • Computational linguistics
    • Network management