Ivan Velez Sneed

Filmmaker and Photographer in Newark, New Jersey

Ivan Velez Sneed

Filmmaker and Photographer in Newark, New Jersey

Independent filmmaker


iVSneed™ Photography

If you're in the NYC/NJ area and want some amazing headshots contact me. Check out some of my work in the link below.


Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Passionate about all visual and written art. Marine Corps Veteran.

The State of Embracing Madness and the Pain We All Deserve...

What I have inside me, is a mass of growing emotions, my distortions of my own device, fragmented feelings, wrapped into fog of insecurity that frantically multiplies with the void of your absence...

The carcass that remains rots in utter misery awaiting for your breath of life.. Irrational bemoanings will thrive, with might, and won't be polite, stifling coherent thought. Grinding an existence into pulp of unshakable petulance that will drive one over the precipice of sanity and self destruction.

All is marred with self loathing, imploding a masochistic thrust enveloped in a mirage wrought in blood masked by delicious sensory imagery of what our dreams are about.

Even long after the winds disperse the ashes of a long lost flame and scattered remnants of a heart will survive and hold on to this inexplicable voluntary captivity for another eternity.

by Ivan Velez Sneed


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