Ivy Chen

Candidate Attorney/PhD in 开普敦, 南非

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I’m Dr. Ivy XQ Chen from Cape Town South Africa.I’m a Candidate Attorney, a specialist inLaw and Public Policy and Development Management with focuses on policy, monitoring, and evaluation (M&E), Knowledge Management (KM) as well as social and cooperate governance. I was a Visiting Fellow at KU Leuven University(Public Governance Institute). As qualified higher court sworn interpreter in Chinese, Thai, and English, I interpreted for high-profile cases, BRICS conference, UN high-level panels for diplomatic officials. I attended the UNECOSOC YF 2019 at UNHQ in NYC, PAGE Ministerial Conference 2019, and present my research at EADI European conference 2017,UN World Sustainability Forum (WSF) 2018 -Beijing Summit and IASIA 2019 in Lisbon. I served as the former Asian manager of international trade for the Western Cape Government.