Ivy Farias

"A million ideas in just one head". My college professor said this to me once, after I came to him with a new idea for a new story.

I was a Journalist student and very creative in find, reporting and writing all kinds of stories.

After graduation, I had to go to Law School because the belief in Justice was the principal ingredient for my stories getting published.

I am from Brazil but consider myself as a citoyen du monde for have made more them 25 different countries of the world and living in amazing cities like Paris, New York, Geneva, Salvador, Osasco and São Paulo, where I finally decided to live and continue to create.

I still have a lot of million ideas. Not a million, but a lot of them. Different that time, my ideas are for new business, new social projects, new feminism, new human and animal rights work, new books, new websites and new community, strong by holding itself and preserving what you have and improving what we got to create a extraordinary new world.