Ivonne C.



I'm Ivonne. I'm 22 years old. My mother tongue is spanish, but as you may have noticed I also speak english. I know korean which I picked up during the last 4 years, not a beginner, not a pro just yet. I'd like to learn mandarin and japanese.

I've always enjoyed writting, I find it relaxing and therapy-like. I'm a sucker for everything cute and vintage. Show me a romantic love story and you'll have me tearing up midway through.

I've always felt attracted to brains, human brains, but not in a zombie fashion, I may say. I even considered studying psychology but ended up moving towards marketing and international trade. I like everything related to the decision making process and how the enviroment we grow up in influences the way we think and behave. My graduation thesis revolved around consumer's behaviour.

Random Facts: Tigers and owls are my favorite animals. Mythological creatures? Dragons, not a doubt.