Abbey Smith

Kent England

As you can tell im a massive adventure time fan, sad i know, but nothing makes me happier, i aslo read alot of books, my favourite author by far is defiantly Dean Koontz! I am a very hyper, possitive, and enthusiastic character&very spiritual. I try to be funny but often the only one laughing is myself, as know one else understands my jokes. Im almost always happy, because whenever im sad i know that somewhere, somehow there is a person PUSHING a door that says PULL :D

I am in practise of the performing arts. my phobias are tidal waves and clowns. I'm not afraid of dying and like to take risks but i still make myself aware of the consiquences. Im not afraid to be different, i think different is good, the people who act the same as others are usually dont be one of them! ;) Always be ready for everything in life, because life is to short and we dont have time to practise for everything before it happens. Im always here for everyone so if you need someone to talk to email me or whatever, or even if you just wanna talk then do the same im happy to chat and make friends from everywhere round the world:D


snapchat: abbey_swag - (dont judge the name, i was immuture when i decided it haha, same with the kik).

Kik: makkapakka0

bbm: 7410A4CA

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    • none
  • Education
    • Brockhill Park Performing Arts College