Ivy Koehler

After stiff-leg marching across the stage as a Munchkin Land
solider in a community theatre production of The Wizard of Oz,
Ivy Koehler knew the enthralling feeling of being onstage was
something she couldn't ever part with.

While the bug bit a few years later, Ivy spent high school running from the drama department to basketball, softball, and golf practices. After graduating, she left south Texas and headed north with a golf scholarship to Northwood University in Dallas. Over the next four years, Ivy enjoyed two seasons of National Golf Tournament rankings, starting up a local theatre group, making video blogs, and taking her first on-camera workshops. It was the latter that captured her heart to the 'inth degree.

Recently, Ivy completed a production of "The 25th Putnam Country Spelling Bee" as Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre and continues ongoing masterclasses with Ken Farmer and the Professional Actors Group "Acting is Storytelling." Ivy cherishes every opportunity to take text and make it a memorable story. She admits to taking gummy vitamins daily, talking with a British accent at shopping malls, making to-do
lists for her to-do lists, winning a ping-pong tournament (that was your warning!), never being able to pass up a pair of Converse, knowing The Sandlot....verbatim, and teaches herself the art of policy debate spreading thanks to her favorite movie, Rocket Science.