Ivy Asmus

McDonough, Georgia

I am a 35 year old woman who through multiple trials and triumphs has an amazing story to tell. After surviving and ultimately leaving an extremely abusive relationship I became a single mom to a special needs child. While raising her I attended KSU and finally graduated with my B.S. In Human services with a Specialization in case management in May of 2006. In 2009 after fighting to get my daughter the help she needed with no success, she ultimately ended up hospitalized where they gave her a tentative diagnosis of bi-polar disorder. Then in 2014 after getting remarried and landing the job of my dreams of working with autistic kids and passing my GACE exam and getting accepted into the program to teach TAPP, life was looking up as my daughter finally had a correct diagnosis of autism or PDD (nos) and married life and my job were awesome. Then in May of 2014 my life changed forever when I got sick and nobody knew why. Now over a year later I have been told I have an auto-immune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis otherwise known as (A.S.) which is a disease that causes extreme pain & damage in the large joints of your body and currently has no cure. A hard pill to swallow when you go from running 6 miles a day to barely getting out of bed some days. I've been told I can never work again so now I devote my time to learning about a natural holistic approach to helping me manage my pain and most importantly using 100% therapeutic grade essential oils by Young living to help as well. I also invest lots of time teaching others how to effectively use essential oils to improve their quality of life and wellness as well. For me sharing Young Living Essential Oils is a passion and calling I feel led to do based on the benefits both I and my daughter have personally experienced from using them. I would love to share more with anyone interested in these amazing essential oils and products so if you are interested please feel free to contact me!!!

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    • Robert W. Baird
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    • Chattahoochee
    • Kennesaw State University
    • North Georgia College & State University
    • Carl Harrison Highschool