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Hello. So first I don't live in New York I just put that there. Now if I followed you first or if I know you, feel free to go request me right now! If I do not know you, please read the following!

Do not follow me if:

•you are transphobic, homophobic, sexist, racist, kinphobic, etc.

•you will claim people as your own

•you hate my friends

•you will like all or nearly all of my photos after I have a spam, liking a few here and there are fine but if you like every single one, I will block you!

Okay so here's like an about me thing, so first off I don't have any kins. I do not want anyone who is kinphobic following me because a few of my friends have kins and I won't feel very comfortable if you are against them for having kins! So i don't have any triggers I think? I honestly hate talking about blood though. I'm fine with seeing it and talking about the human body, but when blood is talked about in depth or is mentioned multiple times, I get very dizzy and it gets hard to breath. It's kinda weird since I'm fine with seeing blood but I just can't deal with talking about it.

And I'll make a lot of offensive jokes but they're just jokes so try not to hate me and get butthurt?

So I love kpop and anime and manga! I mainly talk about kpop, but I am heavily into manga and anime, especially manga. My favorite anime is Zankyou no Terror. Now I have six ultimate biases in kpop. They are: Vernon from Seventeen, Jungkook from BTS, Suwoong from Boys Republic, Minsu from Boys Republic, Jackson from Got7, and Yugyeom from Got7. I can't choose a favorite. Don't follow me if you will claim any of my biases! If one of your biases is one of my biases, it's perfectly fine if you follow me, but I don't want you to make me feel uncomfortable by saying one of them is yours. I thought I had a favorite manga but I don't, I love so many! But a few of my favorites are Orange, Tokyo Ghoul, Love So Life, Hirunaka no Ryuusei, and so many more!

I also spam a lot, so don't follow me if you can't deal with my spams.

So first request me and then DM me a picture of one of my biases if you want to follow me! Do not follow me if you are going to eventually unfollow me. I will just unfollow you back. I think that's it! Thanks for reading!