Ivy Kwan

I'm coming all the way from NY for Gnomon's Entertainment Design track -- 2D digital art is my thing. I'm a reserved sort of person who likes working quietly in her room, but I'm also very friendly and love meeting new people! I'm very flexible and can get along with almost anyone.

I'm quite the geek and adore video games (Mass Effect, League of Legends, and Bioshock are some of my favorites) as well as games like Magic: The Gathering and Warhammer 40k. I'd love a roommate who shares my passions! (Not required, obviously)

Other relevant roommate things:

My boyfriend will be staying with me over the summer as a long-term guest. (Rent/utilities can't be split with him.)

I'm 100% drug and alcohol free. Not a partier.

Reasonably tidy.

Maintains a quiet environment.

Absolutely no drama!