Thanh Thuy Le

Student in Melbourne Victoria, Úc

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Hello, my name is Thanh Thuy and you can call me Ivy as well. I'm from Vietnam, a beautiful country in South East Asia. I’m currently studying Diploma of Communication at Deakin College. I'm really into cooking, photography and travelling. Makeup and skin care are also my cup of tea.

I graduated from highschool in 2018. Then I took a gap year working as shop assistant for my parents' business and English teaching assistant in public schools. It's a little bit hard for me to shape my own future. However, by following my true passion I believe this course will help me a lot in my career path.

I have been to Australia for 2 weeks and I truly enjoy the winter here which totally different from my hometown. Everyday it takes me 8 minutes to get to Deakin by tram and 10 minutes walking to my class. Deakin is much more than what I have expected. The teachers are so nice, friendly and always willing to help the students. The huge campus is clean with gorgeous views that makes me feel relaxed everytime walking down campus.

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