Student in New York


Student in New York

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i really have no idea how to work this website but i figured you should know a little about me before requesting

my full name is juliana but i hate it so call me juli i also go by alice sometimes idk i just really like that name i hate using capitals and punctuation because i'm afraid it makes me look too serious unless it's a bunch of ??? or !!!! um i really love eli ayase but i'm sure she's just a phase i mean i hope this is the longest i've ever been obsessed with a character, i get very emotional really easily and i'm scared to get attached yet i also want a bunch of friends in confusing myself okay um i post porn sometimes so like don't be a pussy and i complain a lot so !

i don't really know what a kin is and i hear a lot of people saying bad things about it but here are some characters i really like !

• eli ayase (love live!)

• bishamon (noragami)

• mikan tsumiki (dr)

• sonia nevermind (dr)

• zack addy (bones) also yes i know he's a cannibal's accomplice i still love him

• at the moment the game isn't out but i really like maki harukawa ? (dr)

no character claiming or ship hating please ! block people who are petty assholes faster than my mom got remarried

also no furries ! unless you're mia

thanks for reading ♡