sage .

hi im sagen but you can call me sage for short! im asexual mostly but i dont rlly like guys irl. also i use he/him pronouns so please use my correct pronouns please!!!

Im 13 and my birthday is june 24th so that makes me a cancer. im smol (5"2) but dont call me smol plz :'))).

i do have a taglist and then a kinlistmy taglist is: hinata (hq),iwaizumi,tendou,yahaba,lev,touka,peridot,miroku,naruko,idate/orca,alex (gangsta.),iceland,lon'qu,kimizuki,sousuke,haruichi,kcalb,jake (hs),rogue (fairy tail),and thats pretty much my main tags i remember.My kinlist is only iwaizumi and hinata from hq but idc if u kin with them also so u can still follow me!

my current obsessions are haikyuu!! and fire emblem:awakening.

my otp is literally just nerds called iwaizumi and oikawa so thats enough about me for now so bye.