Walter D Wright

I do not remember too many items in mymother's womb, except it was rather crowded. Sharing the space withtwo other siblings became rather tight, and not room to wiggle withmy womb-mates. Later after the other two were born, they gave me somestretching space, the physician decided to allow me to come out whenI was good and ready. Even though my stingy twin brother took all theplacenta. Rather rude of I thought. Non-the-less, I did come through,holding my breath three hours. My father saw in me an inquisitivemind - after I dissembled every mechanical toy device I ever receivedonly to observe the workings. Being rather joyfully aggravated, hepurchased for me a telescope, a microscope, a make-it-yourself radio,and a chemistry lab. From then on he was relieved the familytelevision and Hi-Fi were not taken apart to their component pieces.I was happy as well. No kick in the butt. The unmentionable desirewas focused into these areas which the reader, may find here.
I did repair my mother's washing machine once. Had a fewextra parts I threw away. It did a great job cleaning, but alwaysmade this funny sound after the spin cycle, like some one wasthrowing-up.