Buraidah, Saudi Arabia

A Human being !!!

And Proud Indian

Professionally - Physiotherapist !!!

Author !!!

Artist !!!

Philanthropist !!!

Career counselor !!!

Personally - A Human Being

A Proud son of Parents !!!

Best Buddy of my Friends and Brothers !!!

Ambitious, Creative and Innovative Person !!!

A Born Struggler and Winner !!!

Social Worker !!!

Author - Physiotherapy in Community Health and Rehabilitation



2.Clinical Measurement Scales for Health Professionals

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co. KG


Comprehension is too small a phenomena to understand the GENIUS.

However to make things simple for you...here are few lines:

1) What makes one, a man, is his ideology.

2) Never get influenced but be influential.

3) Stubbornness is a winner's secret.

4) Talk big....I never discuss 'people' its a sign of a looser..do not discuss 'incidents' a middleman does that..An elitist discuss 'IDEAS'

5) I m cool...and humorous..being with me is serious business.

6) I wear pride and carry a proof with it!..(always)

7) I do not please or exagerate....i am genuine to my words...if i compliment you..you will keep my words for life....But hey! it doesn't come that easy!

8) You are either my friend or you are not...i dont like keeping middleman.

9) If my conscience approves that i am right!....i dont care about the society.

10) I adorn Simplicity-a class in itself...it speaks of its royal self....all the yo's and yoyo's will fade away soon.

To summarise it all...their can be heroes or Machos...sure smarts or Intellectuals....

but their can only be one 'WaQaR'..THATS ME!

Hum bhi dariya hai
Hume apna hunar maloom hai
Jis taraf bhi chal padenge
Raasta ho jaega....

  • Work
    • Faculty - Lecturer - Qassim Un
  • Education
    • Masters of Physiotherapy (Community Health & Rehab)