i was born lost.

Hey There,

First, thanks for stopping by and checking out my ramblings. I'm Brooke. Nine months out of the year I teach high school English, and the other three months I attempt to prepare for the next nine months. Woo!

I'd like to call myself a traveler... however, I don't travel as much as some or as much as I'd like. So, I call myself restless. I'm prone to wandering and exploring or taking a book and being outside. I've been blessed by some wonderful adventures with some amazing people and I'm always looking for the next opportunity to explore a new land.

I'd like to call my self an artist... however, I'm really just a dabbler. I love DIY projects, art journaling and crocheting. I have a creative soul, but sometimes my visions don't make it to fruition.

I'd like to call myself an activist, but I'm truly just believer in humanity. I'm troubled by ignorance and apathy and complacency. I believe that education is the tool needed to raise people from poverty; however, 773 million people on this planet don't have basic reading, writing, or math skills. And sadly, two-thirds of the worlds illiterate are women. I don't believe I can make a difference alone, but I do believe that humanity can change together.

If you like travel and books, paint and pens, or even humanitarian efforts and service work, stop by occasionally. And as John Steinbeck wrote, "I was born lost and take no pleasure in being found."

Be brave and explore the world,