zizi πŸ’«

zizi πŸ’«

so hey! im zizi!! im just a cis girl so my pronouns are she/her, and im also straight!πŸ’

i post a lot of: lovelive!, haikyuu, danganronpa/sdr2, battle girl high school, mcr, dan&phil, p!atd, and a little bit of 5sos?? 🌷

🌿 i dont really kin but i like to be tagged as: kaori miyazono (ylia), honoka kousaka (lovelive!), ibuki mioda (sdr2), kokomi asahina (bghs), chihiro fujisaki (danganronpa), ai shindou (knk), ayano tateyama (kagepro), and mami tomoe (pmmm). 🌿

i really love olivya, jamie, william, charlie, jolie, dina, angelina, rdn, cinder, van, adrian, effie, jeanne, andy, janie, + elyssa!!

please dont follow if you have anything against me or my friends🌻

thank you sm for reading! please dm me to follow, but only if youre comfortable with itπŸ’Ÿ