I Wayan Bayu Diatmika


I'm a Balinese people; born, grow, and live in Bali, but now i just stay for a while at Malang-East of Java to take my post-graduated program in Master of Accounting at Brawijaya Universty. My born is affected by Scorpio. So, It makes me be a/an idealist, dreamer, emphaty, systematic, and dangerous people.

I have a specialization in accounting, finance, management, Indonesian tax, and accounting information system. I like music very well, i can do my best in Drum, Guitar, Rindik (Balinese Instrument) and Bamboo Flute (Balinese Instrument). I also like writing, almost in acconting, spiritual, music, and life consciousness, you can read my blog.

I life without limit and God make it real and i believe. Therefore, now i'm in my way that believe about the harmonization between; socialization of peoples, how to live in the nature, and how we to responsible our deed in to The God. That three concept was defined by Tri Hita Karana in Balinese Ideology. I brings that third idea in my way to create a new accounting order that I feel are the best way to change the economic psychology of the people around me. It was my purpose. Until now, i'm still studying about it, write an article, and spread my idea to the others.

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    • Student Worker
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    • Magister Sains Akuntansi (MSA) - Akuntan (Ak)