International Women's Group Chongqing


Chongqing International Women's Group (CQIWG) was formed in 2005 by Lucy Chan Summers, the British Consul General’s wife. It operates with the following mission:
contribute to improving the life of the underprivileged in Chongqing, with special focus on children in rural CQ.
foster cultural relations and interaction between the local and the foreign community in Chongqing

We achieve our mission by
working together with locals to achieve our aim by organizing social events where we can raise funds
using the funds for developing and implementing long and short-term projects in response to needs in the community
facilitating a support network for foreign women living in Chongqing, organising social opportunities, sharing knowledge about life in Chongqing and providing a chance to learn more about broader issues in Chongqing through involvement in community projects.

CQIWG is a non-profit organization comprising volunteer women who give their time and money for this altruistic mission. The volunteer women comprise expatriates and local women. The Group has a dynamic membership of local and expatriate women and men, and reaches out to the community through charitable projects focused on the needs of children in rural areas.

It’s initiatives include the Milk Programme, the Subsidy Programme, the Teacher Training programme and the Sponsor-a-Child programme.

The group also serves as a network for those living in Chongqing by holding regular and special events throughout the year, and regular communication through the monthly newsletters and e-mail and chat group announcements.

CQIWG is headed by an Executive Committee and welcomes the participation of volunteers to assist with social events and community projects.