william brown

saint augustine florida

Currently residing in the nation's oldest city I am a kitchen guru and self taught musician. Playing in several heavier acts and sifting through tons of gear over the years I have become quite and audiophile and if there isnt something I love more than making the music it's the GEAR!

After playing music for so long and spending more than I would like to state on various instruments I then taught myself the art of electronics schematics and soldering. This skill has both become a way to learn the inner workings of what I use regularly and to put my own spin on my electronics. Using this knowledge has become a great way to network through repairs, custom guitar pedals and troubleshooting the pieces of hardware that we all strive to use to portray ourselves audibly. Currently using this to my advantage to try and build my own business in the ways of musical instrument repair.

  • Work
    • indipendent musician and electronics tinkerer