Brittany D'Alessio


Brittany D'Alessio


Must have been lost in the mail :)

The name is Brittany. Or Bert. (Don't ask :-p)

Main things you should know about me...

Pretty sure I have A.D.D., I've been playing the violin for 16 years now, I love hiking, running, and anything that involves OUTSIDE, but I also LOVE video games!

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, I've had a life full of ups and downs. Especially when it came down to my weight. I was always a chunky kid. Grew up with grandma's cookin! Pennsylvania dutch cookin'...Mmm..Mmm!

First semester of college I decided to leave town and head up to Rhode Island. Such a beautiful state!

Instead of gaining the freshman 15 I lost 30 lbs (Sweet!) But of course that didn't last forever. Both the weight loss and the college. I decided to come back home and go to a local university.

A couple years later I met Andrew <3

And now he's my husband :)

We got hitched in 2011, on what had to have been the hottest day in June. 2 years down the line and we still haven't killed each other, no knives have been thrown, and no rolling pins needed to be bashed over the head :)

He is my best friend, my soulmate, my everything! I wouldn't want to change anything about him...


He's eating habits! I never really thought about how much he ate until I started eating that much...and my clothes didn't fit. Whomp whomp. And so goes married life right?!


I am DETERMINED to become a healthier (and sexier lol) wife! I've had it with being insecure about my looks. Life passes by too quickly!

And so, with that being said, here's to a "new" Bert!

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