IWTK Radio

In With The Knews is an internet radio show hosted by Mr. Brooks and Don Grimm. We have been doing this show for 2 1/2 years and have interviewed many underground hip hop artists, as well as many legends in the game. We do the show four nights a week. Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.....11pm est . 8pm pac

Sunday night is what we like to call The Speak Easy. No topic, no pressure, just straight talk.

Monday night is The F@#k U Show. This is kind of a much more aggressive Speak Easy.

Wednesday night is reserved for various topics. We had already covered many topics ranging from very funny to highly controversial.

Thursday night is The Artist Spotlight. On this night, we interview hip hop artists from all over. Many underground artists, as well as legends in the game.

No topic is taboo, and we encourage callers, as well as new topic ideas and artists that wanna be featured to email us at: iwtkradio@hotmail.com