South Hall Complex

South Hall Complex

Authenticity. Faith.
Knowledge. Spirit.
Faith. Spirit. Masculinity.

South Hall Complex is a three story building with two main wings, East Side (Freshmen) and Westside (Upperclassman). Each floor is divided into two smaller communities called a unit. At the end of the floor is a wellness room, study lounge, and a laundry facility. Each room has two or three residents living in it. The rooms also have a bed and desk for each resident as well as a large closet to share.

The lobby of South Hall complex is very spacious and includes a fireplace, front desk, and plenty of lounging areas. Additional common spaces include a large loft, four season porch, computer lab, surround sound TV lounge, conference room, faculty office, chapel, and study rooms.

The South Hall Complex is a mentoring community in which students explore their true identity bringing in the adventure of the Kingdom of God into ordinary celebration of daily living. All freshmen are carefully paired with male upperclassman students who are living on the westside. Combined programming and experiences create an environment of rich community based upon intentional relationships and these shared experiences.

Welcome to the Greek Society.