ixahua camacho

Student in Cajicá, Colombia

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hi my name is ixahua

I live with my parents and my two dogs, I love animals, volleyball, dancing, traveling and listening to music.

when I study I like it is a quiet space but with a little music, I like to use notes, academic videos and summaries.

I do not have a favorite subject, all of them seem very interesting for their subjects.

What I like about people is that each one has their own way of being, thinking and acting and it's nice to know that diversity.

I visualize myself as a good professional doctor, with ethics, with morals, with values, with respect, being human and loving what I do and what I practice.

one of my favorite books is the shipwreck of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and as for movies I do not have a favorite but I really like the horror, comedy and romance.